Launch of v-gel® advanced for cats and rabbits

Docsinnovent are delighted to announce the launch of v-gel® advanced – second generation v-gel® devices for cats and rabbits.

The original v-gel® devices were the first species-specific veterinary supraglottic airway devices (SGADs) and have been very popular with both general practitioners and specialist anaesthetists since launch in 2012. Developed by the inventor of the human i-gel® SGAD Dr Muhammed Nasir, the devices were designed to avoid trauma to the larynx and trachea caused by endotracheal tubes, whilst maintaining a safe airway during anaesthesia and resuscitation.

v-gel® advanced devices maintain all the benefits of the original v-gel® devices but with some important improvements. The shape has changed such that the device now envelopes the whole larynx with the epiglottis sitting inside. This allows greater seal pressures to be maintained, which is ideal for ventilated patients. The devices have also been slimmed down to allow more room in the mouth for dental procedures. To learn more about all of the other great benefits, please explore our website –