From the same stable as the highly successful human SGAD i-gel®, v-gel® is designed to make veterinary anaesthesia safer, easier, and more comfortable for your patients. The rabbit and cat devices have been loved by veterinary professionals all over the world since launch in 2012.

In 2020 we launched  v-gel® advanced devices for these species, with a device for dogs coming soon!

How do you make a great product better?

In this video Veterinary Consultant Dr Ivan Crotaz explains some of the improvements in the new v-gel® Advanced.

v-gel® – The FIRST and ONLY veterinary species-specific supraglottic airway devices (SGADs), for anaesthesia and resuscitation

Some of the benefits of v-gel® devices…

  • Fast and easy placement
  • Do not cause laryngeal / tracheal trauma
  • Do not cause laryngospasm / bronchospasm
  • Soft, superior airway seal
  • IPPV compatible
  • Minimise gas pollution
  • Safer dentistry procedures


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“I feel a v-gel is not only easier to use, but safer as well because it reduces the risk of tracheal trauma and damage. I can’t praise this product highly enough!”

Kristin Claricoates, DVM, Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital

I’ve successfully intubated rabbits using scopes and the blind intubation technique, and the v-gel®  Advanced has given me the best anesthetic plane in rabbits by far! I’m very impressed with the improvements from the regular v-gel®. They are AMAZING! I did a rabbit neuter today and the anesthesia was flawless. 🥰 10/10 would recommend. Rabbit was eating immediately post-op.

Victoria Lynn Crabtree


Kentucky, United States

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  • Launch of v-gel® advanced for cats and rabbits
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