d-grip® Circuit Holder

The d-grip® is a highly effective circuit support for a variety of airway management techniques including v-gel devices, endotracheal tubes and face masks, giving optimum patient comfort and safety. Monitor cables and filter lines can also be supported to avoid entanglement.

Rubber grips in moulded indentations on the head plate hold various sizes of anaesthetic circuit tubing and fully flexible, adaptable legs allow easy and large scope of height and angle adjustments to obtain that perfect positioning. The legs can even be wound around table edges or anaesthetic trolleys for more positioning options if needed. The flexible head section allows further easy angle and height adjustments.

  • Helps to prevent accidental displacement of anaesthetic circuits.
  • Prevents the weight of the circuit tubing from dragging on the patient airway to further reduce patient trauma.
  • Flexible legs and swivelling head – provide an infinite range of positioning options to obtain optimal patient comfort and safety
  • Grips various sizes of anaesthetic circuit tube diameters and airway devices
  • Supplied flat packed with easy-to-follow instructions for quick assembly
  • Easy to clean and disinfect