Anaesthesia – safer with

As established medical device innovators in the fields of both human and animal health care, Docsinnovent bring you the v-gel®.

The v-gel® is the world’s first veterinary specific supraglottic airway device and ‘Provides a safe and practical alternative to the classic cuffed endotracheal tube’†. Using proven core technology from the human anaesthesia world, the v-gel® has been developed over a number of years and now benefits our veterinary patients ‘providing better outcomes for the patient with respect to upper airway discomfort’.†

We are continuously working on our portfolio of innovative products bringing exciting new devices to expand the v-gel® family.

• Fast and easy placement
• No laryngeal/tracheal trauma
• No laryngospasm/bronchospasm
• Soft, superior airway seal
• IPPV compatible
• No gas pollution
• Safer dentistry procedures
• Smoother recoveries
• reusable/autoclaveable

† van Oostrom H, phD, Krauss W, DVM, Sap R, CRNA. Comparison of feline airway management during anaesthesia with an endotracheal tube or the v-gel laryngeal mask. Utrecht University, the Netherlands. click to review article

Watch our short 3 minute summary of the v-gel® supraglottic airway device

The v-gel has a very good pedigree with supraglottic airway devices being used for many years in human anaesthesia. In this short video, Dr Nasir (Managing Director Docsinnovent Ltd) and Dr Ivan Crotaz (consultant Veterinary Surgeon to Docsinnovent) give you an insight into the development of this innovative device now available for veterinary anaesthesia.