Docsinnovent provides a range of on-line training materials which you are strongly advised to study before making your first v-gel® purchase and use so as to make sure you begin your short journey into becoming an efficient and effective user of v-gel in clinical use. Complementary to this we offer you the chance to gain a free on-line v-gel supraglottic airway management certification which accounts for 5 hours of CPD points. once you have studied all the materials we again strongly advise you to undertake our on-line v-gel ‘Certificate in Veterinary Airway Management’, to test your understanding and prepare you for your first v-gel® use. You will need a pass mark of at least 75%. Once you gain it you will go on our register of certification holders. Today we offer a level 1 certification in v-gel supraglottic veterinary airway management and there will be further levels on offer which are under development.

See attached link to see what your certificate would look like that will be delivered on-line.

Further support can be found on our Facebook page or alternatively please contact us by phone or email.

Training content

Welcome to the free Docsinnovent online training and certification area, here you will be able to go through the process of using all the provided available materials to rapidly prepare you for your first v-gel use. The certification process will offer you a chance to reinforce and check your understanding and upon qualifying it will give you 5 hours of Continuous Professional Development points.

Once passing, your certificate will be emailed to automatically in a PDF format for you to file and print.

Note You must score 75% or above to obtain your certificate and get onto our register as a proficient starter of being able to use a brand new airway management technique in veterinary anaesthesia. There is no limit on how many times you can take the test.

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The first requirement before purchasing and using your v-gel® for the first time is to study the provided on-line materials in the ‘Training Resources’ section. Then you are strongly advised to test your understanding of this new anaesthesia technique by taking the free on-line ‘Certification in Airway Management’ test. The learning curve in the use of v-gel® is a short one and much shorter by studying all our materials.

Answer all of the multiple choice questions in the ‘Questionnaire’ page and upon completion you will be advised of your score and if you have passed or need to re-take the test.

Please click the certificate to the left to see a larger version.