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d-grip® - Tube Holder Product Code: DI0013

d-grip® tube holder is the perfect fully adaptable airway management support system for supporting the load borne by anaesthetic breathing circuits, airway devices, facemasks, monitoring cables and sampling lines. It is the perfect complement to v-gel® and offers a wide range of positioning options to optimise airway management.

  • Designed in conjunction with v-gel airway devices to allow perfect positioning of v-gels for optimum patient comfort and safety. Also d-grip is a highly effective support for use with other airway management techniques.
  • Rubber grips hold various sizes of anaesthetic circuit tubing, with moulded indentations to support tube sizes of varying diameters.
  • incorporating innovative fully flexible and adaptable legs allow easy and large scope of height and angle adjustments to obtain that perfect positioning. The legs can even be wound around table edges or anaesthetic trolleys for more positioning options if needed.
  • Flexible head section allows further easy angle and height adjustments.
  • Helps to prevent accidental displacement of anaesthetic circuits.
  • Prevents the weight of the circuit tubing from dragging on the patient airway to further reduce patient trauma.

Please use the link below to download the d-grip ® product information sheet with key features.

d-grip ® tube holder
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